Updated on 2023.3.15

Produce work

虹色/ Mummy D

1/3/2024 RELEASE (Pro. by Kaztake Takeuchi, Mr. Drunk)

solo single

MAGIC NUMBER feat. 多和田えみ

12/20/2023 RELEASE K42M-1027

solo single

Loved You

12/6/2023 RELEASE K42M-1026

solo single

Coffee Story feat. 岩崎慧

11/22/2023 release K42M-1025

A hundred birds

Show you my love feat. TeN

2023/11/3 release additional keyboards by Kaztake Takeuchi


アグロー案内VOL.6 / How to enjoy getting lost VOL.6

2023/9/15 digital release ep K42M-1024

  1. ローラ・コスタ嬢の罠/aaugh!
  2. 名探偵は眠らない/to be continued…

アグロー案内VOL.5 / How to enjoy getting lost VOL.5

2023/5/5 digital release ep K42M-1023

  1. 前日譚/no news is good news
  2. 棘 2023/tweezers (as it was)
  3. 名探偵の死/the final problem
  4. 棘 2018/tweezers (gently with)

アグロー案内VOL.4 / How to enjoy getting lost VOL.4

2023/2/25 digital release ep K42M-1022

  1. ジョシュア2023/fishing ghost revamped
  2. すきまから滴る夜に/underground astrologia
  3. 推理の時間/tilting at windmills

アグロー案内VOL.3 / How to enjoy getting lost VOL.3

2022/10/29 digital release ep K42M-1021

  1. ラストノート/quod erat demonstrandum
  2. ジャグリング 2022/jugglin’ 2022
  3. 名探偵、走る/jump the gun
  4. アグロー案内VOL.1(圧縮版)/make a long story short

アグロー案内VOL.2 / How to enjoy getting lost VOL.2

2022/8/27 digital release ep K42M-1020

  1. 間奏者たち/interluders
  2. 話咲く種をまく男2022/no kidding 2022
  3. 名探偵山本和男 THE MOVIE(予告編)/the yamamoto kazuo movie (official teaser)

アグロー案内VOL.1 / How to enjoy getting lost VOL.1

2022/7/30 digital release ep K42M-1019

  1. 紙芝居を安全に楽しむために 1/you may be the last to carry on 1
  2. 紙芝居を安全に楽しむために 2/you may be the last to carry on 2
  3. 紙芝居を安全に楽しむために 3/you may be the last to carry on 3
  4. 紙芝居を安全に楽しむために 4/you may be the last to carry on 4
solo album

blueprint substitute for streaming

2022/7/8 digital release ep K42M-1018

  1. Awakening
  2. 1989 (long version)
  3. Awakening Ⅱ
  4. IDEA